CNC Grinder VTG

39-axis CNC transfer grinder
39-axis CNC transfer grinder

VTG fully automated
grinding line for drill
or taps production

The concept of our flagship transfer grinder is to split up the grinding process for a particular tool or precision part to achieve optimum productivity. The line is separated into modules in which each one is specialized on a specific operation. Tools are carried in special holders to ensure the repeatability of all operations. Fanuc Robot feeds the machine either from palettes or a rotary table with capacity tailored to customers' needs. The robot is also able to perform checks of the tools together with installed probe/laser measuring equipment. The VTG's versatility allows it to produce a large variety of cutting tools and other precision parts. The modular system can easily be adapted to your production needs, incorporating different processes such as grinding, brushing, fine milling, laser marking and control measuring.